Calibrated Tamper 58mm.

SKU: F58FRC004
Sale price$79.95
Color: Black

Faema F58 Calibrated Tamper 58mm - Black

Master the art of espresso with the Faema F58 Calibrated Tamper 58mm in sleek black. This essential tool for any barista ensures precise compaction of coffee grounds with its calibrated pressure mechanism, promoting even extraction and a flawless espresso shot every time.

  • Calibrated spring mechanism applies consistent pressure for perfect coffee tamping.
  • Durable base and ergonomic handle designed for comfort and efficiency.
  • Sleek black finish, enhancing the professional aesthetic of your coffee toolkit.

Ideal for both experienced baristas and enthusiasts, the F58 Calibrated Tamper is a testament to Faema's commitment to quality and precision in coffee preparation. Upgrade your espresso making with this indispensable accessory.