JURA GIGA 5 - Limited Quantities

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JURA Silver JURA GIGA 5 - Limited Quantities

JURA GIGA 5 - Limited Quantities


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The Jura GIGA 5 is a timeless interpretation of a modern luxury Super-Automatic Espresso machine. With its unmistakable presence, modern design and state-of-the-art commercial-grade technology. The GIGA 5 is the first home machine to incorporate, 2 fully removable ceramic disk grinders, and 2 Thermoblocks - in one machine. The increased power has led the way for optimal performance, you can now prepare 2 milk-based drinks at the touch a button.


Double Thermoblock: The GIGA 5 is able to keep up with any level of demand thanks to its double thermoblock system. This means less time waiting and more time preparing your favourite coffee beverages

Automatic Milk Cleaning System: The GIGA 5 will automatically clean its frother after the milk system is used. This guarantees 100% hygiene and optimal performance.

Automatic Milk Valve: The GIGA 5 has a world-first adjustable milk valve. This valve gives the GIGA 5 the ability to switch between milk and milk foam automatically during preparation without the user having to manually adjust it. To make specialty beverages such as the three-layered latte macchiato.

One-Touch Operation: The GIGA 5 can prepare: 1 or 2 ristrettos, 1 or 2 espressos, 1 or 2 coffees, 1 or 2 latte macchiato, 1 or 2 cappuccino, 1 or 2 espresso macchiato, 1 or 2 milk foam, 1 or 2 custom cup and hot water (for tea) in one simple touch. (12 Specialty Coffee Beverages) 

Fully Removable Ceramic Disk Grinders: Faster, quieter and more consistent than ever with precise electronic adjustments. The dual hopper on the GIGA 5 gives the user the choice of using two different blends, such as regular and decaf, or a mixture of two different coffee blends.

Grinder By-pass: Bypass your ceramic grinders with pre-ground coffee for decaf or other pre-ground blends.

Self Cleaning: No need to remove the brewing unit or fuss with internal mechanisms as all Jura machines are fully self-cleaning, using the JURA Cleaning tablets.

Filter or Descale: Jura machines enable users to choose between using Claris filters, or traditional descaling methods.



Height Adjustable Spouts: The GIGA 5 prepares all beverages from one central spout that is height adjustable from 7 - 15.9 cm.

Fully Programmable: Program every drink to your liking or make adjustments on the fly with the rotary dial.

Sleek Modern Design: The GIGA 5 has Aluminium front panels, chrome hopper lids, and elegant lighting.

Sustainability: All Jura machines use fresh ground coffee beans for every cup creating only compost, no capsules = no waste!

Barista Mode: The GIGA 5 has a preloaded recipe and guide to preparing many specialty drinks, just select your beverage, get your ingredients, and follow the instructions on the screen!


Technical Specs

WxHxD (cm)

32 x 41.5 x 49.7

Weight (lbs)


Power (Watts)


Parts & Components


TFT Colour

Water Tank Size (L)


Height Adjustable Spouts (cm)

7 - 15.9


(2) Ceramic Disk Grinders

Fresh Bean Capacity (g)

(2) 280


15 Bar

Number of Thermoblocks


Grinder By-pass


Dedicated Hot Water Spout




.6L Thermal Insulated Milk Container: The GIGA 5 comes with a FREE JURA  ($175 Value!)


Instructions For Use