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Here's Mister Nico, the super-flavour. 
The maximum stimulation of the senses in a single amalgam of flavours, blending sweet and salty with creamy and crunchy.

Are you a sweet or a salty fan? No more difficult decisions!
Now there's no need to prefer one or the other, because someone's arrived who'll make everyone agree! 
It's Mister Nico, and he's a super-gelato blessed with the flavour of peanut paste! 

To enjoy the irresistible temptations of sweetness and the appetizing tang of saltiness with a single product. Are you ready to cross the new frontiers of the gelato experience? If you are, then you're ready for Mister Nico.
Mister Nico, a balanced blend of sweet and salty.

To bring a refreshing breeze of novelty and playfulness to your sales point. 
Inspired by the current trend of pairing apparently opposite tastes like sweet and salty.

This lively kit is composed of Mister Nico Paste and Mister Nico Chocolate Ripple. The pack also includes eye-catching marketing materials, complete with a flavour marker and stickers.

COMPOSITION: 14220 Mister Nico Paste x 4 kg + 14225 Mister Nico Ripple x 4 kg + 2 x 0.5 kg bags 53054 Mister Nico Grains + flavour markers + sticker + instruction leaflet

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