Ways to handle leftover coffee grounds

3 Reasons You Need a Knock Box

For coffee-addicts who enjoy their favourite cup of coffee on a daily basis, you understand just how many coffee grounds one person can produce in a day. According to the Coffee Association of Canada, up to two-thirds of Canadians over the age of 16 enjoy an average of three cups of coffee per day. That results in a staggering amount of coffee grounds. Most of this leftover debris ends up being scooped or emptied into the trash. However, there is a better way: the Knock Box.

What is a Knock Box?

A knock box is a small, simple device that allows you to literally knock the used portafilter full of coffee grounds directly into it. Basically, it is a high-quality bucket with a rubberized bar that is designed to easily remove coffee grounds from the filter. By knocking the filter on the top of the bucket, all of the debris falls out, resulting in a clean filter in just a few seconds. Removing used coffee grounds can be a difficult task as the debris is often wet and stuck to the inside of the filter. The traditional method of cleaning involves scooping out the remaining coffee grounds into the garbage and rinsing the filter to remove the leftover debris. However, with the Knock Box, you can simply tap the filter on the top and empty it out in one or two smooth motions. You can also store these coffee grounds in the Knock Box until it becomes full. Here are four reasons you should consider having a Knock Box beside your home or office coffee maker:

  1. It’s Environmentally-Friendly

Coffee grounds often end up in the garbage because people simply don’t know that there is another option. Not only is this bad for the environment as it results in additional garbage and debris in landfills, but it can amplify the foul odour present in your garbage can. Instead, try composting your old coffee grounds. The Knock Box allows you to easily store your leftover coffee grounds until the bucket becomes full. At this point, you can empty it into your compost bin, which will – with the proper care, maintenance, and a little bit of time – turn these coffee grounds into a rich fertilizer. Now, instead of a daily chore that sees you scooping out and washing coffee filters after every cup, you can knock out the loose debris and coffee grounds and move on to the next cup in just a few seconds. This alternative method is much more environmentally-friendly than coffee pods and other alternatives for home or office coffee, which are a significant source of trash in landfills across the world.

  1. It Helps Prevent Odour

Old, stale coffee grounds also have a strong, unpleasant odour. For offices or homes where a large amount of coffee is consumed, the foul odour of an old coffee can radiate from your garbage can, especially after a long day of sipping hot beverages. Instead, the Knock Box is designed to trap the odour of coffee grounds, preventing it from spreading throughout the kitchen in your home or office. Since you can empty the Knock Box into your compost at the end of the day, the smell of old, stale coffee will never sit in a garbage can overnight, which causes even more unpleasant odours as it mixes with the food and other garbage in your trash. Although it is necessary to establish a proper routine for cleaning and emptying the Knock Box, it is a much more convenient and sustainable option that will help prevent your home or office from smelling like burnt coffee.

  1. Convenient Design, Simple Process, Easy Clean-Up

On the bright side, the process of using the Knock Box could not be easier. Because it is such a simple product, it requires very little care and maintenance beyond being emptied out and rinsed. By simply knocking the filter on the top of the bucket, you can empty your coffee grounds in one smooth movement. Cleaning up after making a pot of coffee has never been more convenient. Although you can opt for alternative coffee solutions such as compostable or recyclable coffee pods, these options still put a strain on the environment and can only accommodate one cup at a time. With the Knock Box, you can make single cups of coffee or full pots with the same process, and there is virtually no waste. For coffee shops or other commercial machines, the quick and easy task of emptying out the filter into the Knock Box can save an incredible amount of waste, and this process is easy for anyone to use. Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best, and that is what makes the Knock Box such a success.

Coffee-enthusiasts are very particular about their favourite hot beverage. From the coffee grounds, they prefer the exact ingredients to include, they know exactly what they want, and it can be difficult to break such an established habit. However, introducing the Knock Box into your home, office, or even your commercial coffee shop can save you a great deal of time and effort while also help reduce your environmental footprint. At Faema, we love good coffee. We pride ourselves on ensuring our customers receive the best quality appliances to ensure they can make the perfect cup of coffee in the comfort of their own home.

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