Keeping espresso machine clean

6 Tips for Cleaning an Espresso Machine

Whether you enjoy the silky smooth taste of lattes and cappuccinos or prefer the bold taste of Americanos, an espresso machine is a perfect appliance for coffee lovers everywhere. Espresso machines offer a variety of delicious specialty coffees that you can enjoy at home or on the go. From high-end espresso makers in fancy coffee shops to small machines designed for home use, espresso makers have become a daily appliance for many Canadians. However, the key to making delicious beverages with an espresso maker is keeping the machine clean and efficient so you do not compromise the taste of the coffee beans. Not only does keeping the machine clean ensure the coffee tastes its best, but it also makes it more sanitary and prevents the spread of bacteria.

Why You Need to Clean Your Espresso Machine

It is very important to clean your espresso machine on a regular basis, as the build-up of bacteria and other coffee gunk can taint the flavour of the beverage. Not only is this unsanitary, but it results in less-than-ideal coffee. An espresso maker is an expensive investment, so you must maintain your appliance to protect your investment and increase the lifespan of the machine. Here are eight simple tips for cleaning your espresso machine:

  1. Clean the Machine Daily

Even just a brief cleaning on a daily basis can help keep your espresso machine running efficiently and making flavourful coffee. Start by simply wiping down the exterior of the machine with a damp rag. Be sure to remove any spots and stains while also focusing on concentrated areas of coffee gunk and debris. This daily cleaning is best done at the end of the day when you are finished serving drinks as it prevents the machine from sitting overnight full of coffee beans, debris, and bacteria. After wiping it down, remove the portafilter and basket and gently scrub them with a cleaning brush to remove the leftover coffee grounds. Rinse it with hot water and dry it with a clean towel or let it drip-dry overnight. As well, the gasket also requires daily cleaning. Flush the gasket with hot water while scrubbing it with a brush to remove any leftover debris. This prevents coffee grounds from clogging the machine or ending up in a customer’s drink. You should also remove the showerhead – the metal filter that dispenses water into your cup – as oils and coffee grounds tend to build up in this area.

  1. Back-Wash Machine Regularly

Espresso machines that are used on a daily basis are prone to the build-up of a variety of debris that can clog the system and compromise your appliance. Because of this, it is crucial that you back-wash the machine at least once a month. Start by inserting the blind filter into the portafilter and running hot water – just like you would make an espresso. Let it run for 5-10 seconds then let it sit. The water will release into the drip tray. Continue this process with the cleaning solution and repeat it several times, allowing all of the debris to flow from the filter and out of the machine. Beyond coffee grounds and other debris, this will also eliminate any coffee oils that remain in the machine.

If you’re in the market for a cleansing product that will get your espresso machine cleaner than ever before, check out the Cafiza Coffee Cleaner Powder. This powder formula works to remove residue, rancid coffee oils and lime scale deposits that have built up on your espresso machine, and is ideal for backwashing.

  1. Soak Parts Overnight

Most manufacturers will recommend a cleaning solution for your espresso machine. Be sure to use the correct solution or choose something that will be compatible with your machine and will not compromise its quality. When cleaning your machine, it helps to soak removable parts in the sanitary solution overnight. Drip trays, gratings, filter baskets, groups, and shower heads can all become riddled with coffee grounds and other debris, but soaking them overnight will make remove any build-up leave them looking brand new.

The Rinza Milk Frother Cleaner easily removes milk residue that can build up on steam wands, valves, and tubes. If you’re looking for a solution to soak your coffee baskets, consider the versatile Cafiza Coffee Cleaner Powder.

  1. Sanitize the Steam Wand

The steam wand requires regular cleaning to keep it sanitary and operating at optimum efficiency. Simply wiping down the steam wand with a damp cloth can remove debris and prevent the machine from clogging. Place the clean cloth over the nozzle and allow it to run for a few seconds to remove the build-up of debris. Some wands allow you to remove the tip to clean the interior, which can allow you more convenient access to the inside of the wand. To make sure you get an optimal clean, use the Rinza Milk Frother Cleaner in this step of your cleaning, too.

  1. Descale the Machine

Descaling the espresso machine helps remove the build-up of mineral deposits that come from the water used in the machine. It must be removed to prevent the machine from clogging and ensure it runs smoothly. This should be done at least once every three months. Start by filling the reservoir with clean water and adding the manufacturer-recommended cleaner, letting it dissolve completely. Be sure to use the prescribed amount of the cleaning solution. Once inside the machine, you can spread the cleaning solution through the steam wand for a deep clean. It helps to keep a cup handy to catch any water and cleaning solution as you flush it through the system. After letting the cleaning solution sit for the recommended time, drain the machine and wash it again with clean water. This will ensure any leftover cleaning solution is flushed from the system and will not end up in a customer’s drink.

  1. Read the Manual

The most important resource to rely on when cleaning your espresso machine is the manual from the manufacturer. Not only will it detail exactly how to clean the machine – including the necessary steps to take to remove and reassemble each individual part – but it will clearly state which espresso machine cleaner is ideal for your appliance. Be sure to clean your espresso maker only with compatible cleaning solutions.

Keeping your espresso machine clean can be a daunting task, but it is necessary in order to make delicious coffee and keep your machine running efficiently. At Faema, we offer a wide variety of espresso makers and coffee machines for personal and commercial use.

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