La Cupola

SKU: SQ5164563
Options Burner Type: Ceky Gas Burner

Options Burner Type

Internal Deck Diameter: 100 cm / 39 inches (Mod 120) - 6 pizzas*

Internal Deck Diameter

External Finish: Various Colors - Glass Mosaic

External Finish

The only rotating oven entirely made in firebricks. Handmade construction of the cooking floor and dome, brick after brick. The oven was built with reliability as a priority to ensure there are no interruptions while cooking.

Digital management of cooking programmes. Ceky smart chef synchronizes the temperature, cooking times and cooking floor rotation speed/direction.


User-Friendly Interface: Digital control panel with a touch screen and capacitive function: precise and robust operation

Smart and Software Updates: The software can easily be updated in a few minutes and with no additional costs using a USB pen drive

Consistent Heat: The gas burner heats up the dome. the independent electrical resistance maintains the rotating cooking floor to the right temperature

Energy savings

  • Consumption of wood or gas is always reduced to a minimum, guaranteeing maximum efficiency in all of our products.

  • Refractory bricks, effective insulation and sturdy structure prevent even the slightest energy loss and result in significant savings in daily operational costs.

Unbeatable lifetimes

  • Ceky ovens are backed by years of research, design and experimentation with the raw materials used for their construction.

  • Their incomparable long-term, low maintenance life spans are guaranteed by thousands of satisfied clients all over the world.



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 La Cupola - Wood

La Cupola - Gas

La Cupola - MX