Automatic Cream Whippers

Model: Lucky Moon Panna


The fresh cream is kept preserved at the ideal temperature in a stainless steel tank that is refrigerated and equipped with a thermostat, where it is also possible to view the thermometer.

Only at the moment of request, by pushing the special switch, a patented pump suctions and then pushes the air and cream into a steel labyrinth (texturizer) where the mixture acquires an increase in volume. Once the increase of volume reaches over 200% the cream is dispensed through a spigot with a ragged spout refrigerated up to the exit point.

A non-return valve prevents the whipped cream from returning to the tank.

Built with reduced dimensions (220 x 520 x 460) the ICETEAM 1927 whipped cream machines are extremely easy to clean and provide a high level of performance for any type of natural or vegetable-based cream, be it fresh or UHT (long life) cream.