Forni Ceky Ovens Quadrato
Forni Ceky Ovens Quadrato
Forni Ceky Ovens Quadrato
Forni Ceky Ovens Quadrato
Forni Ceky Ovens Quadrato
Forni Ceky Ovens Quadrato
Forni Ceky Ovens Quadrato
Forni Ceky Ovens Quadrato



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This four-sided oven can be entirely covered on each side, permitting classic solutions with guaranteed visual impact.

This oven is the ideal complement for anyone who wants the client to feel as if they are in a restaurant where pizza is prepared using the traditional techniques and genuine ingredients that have made pizza one of the most famous and appreciated foods in the world.


    Handcrafted in Italy Using whole refractory bricks. The wide range of available dimensions and shapes also make it extremely easy to install into any type of pre-existing restaurant or pizzeria and the perfect starting point for designing a new space.

    Multiple Configurations, Like all Forni Ceky Ovens, they can be powered with wood, gas or a combination of both. Gas is available when using the Ceky Burner.


    Thanks to the firebrick thickness and quality we managed to eliminate one of the biggest flaws in rotating ovens’ technology. Our deck won’t need to rise or force you to wait between every batch, because it will be its very structure to guarantee you a steady and continuous baking.

    The dome is entirely constructed in whole refractory bricks, furnace baked, with high alumina content and immersed in a refractory cement casting, resistant to temperatures up to 1200°C. The high alumina content permits longer heat retention: when the oven is turned off in the evening, it will still be warm the following day. The bricks also have enough resistance to prolong the lifespan of the oven up to double that of conventional ovens.

    Surfaces consisting of refractory borders with 6cm depth to guarantee better heat containment and gradual heat release. The large baking surface always stays warm: the 6 cm refractory bricks absorb a sufficient amount of heat to cook pizzas continuously without the need for pauses between baking. A surface with this depth is also more resistant and prevents the borders from moving, which could create bothersome uneven levels after long term use.

    Seven layers of insulation for high temperatures: ecological ceramic fiber, high density cellular concrete and expanded clay create double insulation in respect to that used in a traditional oven. Perfect insulation guarantees no waste: all of the heat produced by the oven stays in the cooking chamber. The sides of the oven will always remain cool.


    The functional framework is constructed in iron and designed by shopfitters to facilitate covering installation, and also is useful for removing and moving the oven at any time. The oven can be easily and safely put into position. If necessary, the oven can be moved at any time without intervention by specialized technicians.



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    Quadrato - WOOD

    Quadrato - GAS

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