JURA Z10 - July Special
JURA Z10 - July Special
JURA Z10 - July Special
JURA Z10 - July Special
JURA Z10 - July Special
JURA Z10 - July Special
JURA Z10 - July Special
Jura Z10 Diamond Black Faema Canada
JURA Z10 - July Special
JURA Z10 - July Special
JURA Z10 - July Special
JURA Z10 - July Special
JURA Z10 - July Special
JURA Z10 - July Special
JURA Z10 - July Special
JURA Z10 - July Special



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A world first: The groundbreaking Z10 with P.R.G. for hot and cold brew speciality coffees

The Z10 offers "a whole new dimension in the enjoyment of coffee” with cold brews and a world of specialty drinks.

With this revolutionary coffee machine from Jura preparing and enjoying a drink at home is as simple as selecting it with just one touch.
Equipped with a Product Recognizing Grinder (PRG) as well as a novel Cold Extraction Process and 3D Brewing Technology, Z10 will automatically adjust the fineness of grind needed to brew your selected beverage.

This ensures that each drink on your menu will be made according to the optimal settings and deliver the most flavourful result in your cup.

  • The New PRG (Product Recognizing Grinder): Is designed to give you a perfect grind every time, ensuring precision and consistency for any specialty coffee preparation. Fast & quiet grinding and a spectrum of grind settings offer a very intuitive operation and customization of your drinks.
  • World's First Automatic Cold Brew: Working with coffee beans that are coarsely ground, Z10 takes care of every detail of the process. Cold Extraction Process removes whatever bitter oils might irritate your palate, so each drink tastes smoother and more natural than ever before! Unlike iced coffee, Z10 doesn't simply pour hot coffee over ice in your cup, it prepares a cold brew coffee drink in a matter of minutes, whereas typically cold brew needs to be made and chilled overnight (12-24 hrs). 
  • The Largest Selection of Drinks: Z10 can prepare Espresso, 2 x Espresso, Cold Brew Espresso, Coffee, 2 x Coffee, Cold Brew Coffee, Cappuccino, Cold Brew Cappuccino, Cappuccino Extra Shot, Caffè latte, Cold Brew Caffè latte, Caffè latte Extra Shot, Caffè Barista,2 x Caffè Barista, Lungo Barista,2 x Lungo Barista, Espresso doppio, Macchiato, Cold Brew Macchiato, Cortado, Cold Brew Cortado, Latte macchiato, Cold Brew Latte macchiato, Latte macchiato Extra Shot, Flat white, Cold Brew Flat white, Flat White Extra Shot, Portion of milk foam, Portion of milk, Pot of coffee, Hot water, Hot water for green tea. 
  • Fully Customizable Menu: Jura knows that home espresso machines need to be appreciated as more than just a fancy coffee maker. Jura Z10 is the perfect way to encapsulate all of those feelings and also capture your imagination with its features! Whether you're experimenting with new drinks or just looking for something really special, Z10 has everything you and your friends & family could need. More than that, anyone can create and save their version of any drink with whatever settings they like for volume of coffee, milk, temperature, amount of milk foam, milk temperature, etc. But be careful, your friends might suddenly start coming over for a cup of coffee at your place way too often!
  • Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P): A renowned Jura brewing method that extracts espresso in small pulses to guarantee the most authentic flavour and aroma. The slow pulsing extraction process has resulted in the highest quality espresso found on any Super-Automatic espresso machine available in the market.
  • The 3D Brewing Technology: Will make you fall in love with how evenly the water flows through the coffee grinds - boosting both hot and cold preparations. This helps produce the most of the aroma, both in hot specialties and with cold brewing.
  • Smart Mode: Heard of AI (Artificial Intelligence)? You can now experience it first-hand with the NEW Z10! We do care a lot about our customers' coffee preferences, so do our machines - Z10 is now able to tell which coffee specialties you enjoy most, how you like them and customize your menu accordingly!
  • Unparalleled Design: Jura Z10 is an unrivalled coffee machine for any culinary-minded individual. Uncompromising quality, durable, high-quality materials and maximum engineering precision guarantee both gastronomic and aesthetic excellence throughout the lifetime of the machine. The convex-concave 3-millimetre aluminum front panel demonstrates the very highest standard of craftsmanship. Enjoy a cup at home or work its sleek design blends in perfectly with any environment!
  • Automatic Ceramic Milk Valve: The Z10 will automatically switch between milk and milk foam during preparation without any user intervention. Customizing your drink is now more pleasing than ever.
  • Intelligent Preheating: Like your coffee as hot as lava? We got you! Z10 Bypasses the brewing unit with how water before it brews your first and most important cup of morning coffee. 
  • Self-Cleaning: No need to remove the brewing unit or fuss with internal mechanisms as all Jura machines are fully self-cleaning.
  • Sustainability: All Jura machines use fresh ground coffee beans for every cup creating only compost, no capsules = no waste!
  • Grinder By-pass: Bypass your Aroma G3 grinder with pre-ground coffee for decaf or other blends.
  • Wifi Connectivity: Control your machine remotely from your phone or smartwatch. Z10 comes with a new WIFI Connect.
Technical Specs
WxHxD (cm) 32 x 38 x 45
Weight (lbs) 27.1
Power (Watts) 1450
Parts & Components
Display Colour Touchscreen
Water Tank Size (L) 2.4
Height Adjustable Spouts (cm) 7.8 - 15
Grinder Product Recognizing Grinder
Fresh Bean Capacity (g) 280
Pump 15 Bar
Number of Thermoblocks 1
Grinder By-pass Y
Dedicated Hot Water Spout Y
Products Espresso
2 x Espresso
Cold Brew Espresso
2 x Coffee
Cold Brew Coffee
Cold Brew Cappuccino
Cappuccino Extra Shot
Caffè latte
Cold Brew Caffè latte
Caffè latte Extra Shot
Caffè Barista
2 x Caffè Barista
Lungo Barista
2 x Lungo Barista
Espresso doppio
Cold Brew Macchiato
Cold Brew Cortado
Latte macchiato
Cold Brew Latte macchiato
Latte macchiato Extra Shot
Flat white
Cold Brew Flat white
Flat White Extra Shot
Portion of milk foam
Portion of milk
Pot of coffee
Hot water
Hot water for green tea
Number of speciality coffees 32

What's in the box?

  • 1 X Jura Z10
  • 1 X Jura Care kit which includes: Pack of 2 Cleaning tablets, 1 Claris Smart Filter, User Manuals, 1 Pre-ground Coffee Scoop, 1 Hose with Connector, 1 Bottle of New Jura Cleaning Pills for Milk System, 1 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, 1 Easy Cappuccino Cleaning Container, 1 Filter Extension and 1 Water Hardness Testing Strip.
  • Official Canadian Distributor
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Free Coffee With the Machine
  • Free Shipping

For over 25 years, Faema Canada has proudly served as the official Canadian importer and distributor of JURA Elektroapparate AG.

JURA stands as the unparalleled global leader in crafting super-automatic coffee machines for both home and professional use.

At the core of the brand's philosophy is a commitment to employing top-notch materials and state-of-the-art technology.

JURA's mission is to create coffee equipment that not only excels in performance but also showcases impeccable aesthetics. Their machines are designed to provide fully customizable beverages, effortless usability and maintenance, and consistently deliver the perfect cup every time.

As the official Canadian Distributor, Faema Canada provides full in-house service at our state-of-the-art National Service Centre located in Mississauga, Ontario.

All new residential Jura machines come with a 2-year parts and labour warranty.

Faema strives to provide its customers with the best value & price. We guarantee a price match to any offers advertised online by authorized Jura dealers in Canada.

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