Effe - Vertical Batch Freezer

When Otello Cattabriga, in 1927, designed and patented the first effe, he couldn't surely imagine that soon it would have become a synonym for GELATO MAKING all over the world.

From that day, CATTABRIGA VERTICAL GELATO FREEZER equipped with the "Stir+Stick" system, enabled users to produce dry and well-textured gelato with no physical effort and in the best hygienic conditions.

Nowadays, after 90 years, EFFE has become more and more reliable. Manufactured in compliance with EC guidelines, it remains a unique model. Actually, EFFE gives its owner a stronger and firmer identity as a true, traditional, Italian-style gelato maker.

Choosing the best of the tradition to guarantee quality through time makes a top-level professional and an outstanding product. Old and modern flavours, and experience of several generations, plus an inimitable technology: effe has no matches in the industry nor in Gelato history.

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