Zumex Zumex Minex
Zumex Zumex Minex
Zumex Zumex Minex
Zumex Zumex Minex
Zumex LIGHT BLUE Zumex Minex
Zumex RUBY RED Zumex Minex
Zumex GRAPHITE Zumex Minex
Zumex BLACK Zumex Minex
Zumex SILVER Zumex Minex
Zumex WHITE Zumex Minex
Zumex BRONZE Zumex Minex
Zumex ORANGE Zumex Minex
Zumex Zumex Minex

Zumex Minex


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The Minex commercial juicer is small in size but great in features. It provides your business with personality and style with a simple Push Button operation so that you can enjoy the finest freshly squeezed juice in just 15 seconds.


Perfect Extraction: The Minex extraction system is the most compact, efficient and cleanest on the market.

Colour Kit: 1 juicer and a choice of 12 colours. Customise your Minex and change colour, adapting it to your chosen environment.

You Choose: You can serve the juice with its built-in jug or pour it directly into a glass thanks to the non-drip tap.

Everything Under Control: With just a glance you can control the juicer machine activity or number of oranges to be squeezed. 

Easy to Use, Easy to Clean: The Zumex Minex juicer is comprised of detachable pieces that are easy to clean and require no type of maintenance.



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