Versatile Pro All-in-One

SKU: SQ1520585
Color: Black

The Zumex Versatile Pro All-in-One commercial juicer provides a healthy and fresh option for hotels and supermarkets. Its speed, easy operation, and small footprint make it the perfect commercial juicer for businesses.

The Zumex Versatile Pro Podium juicer is specially prepared to create an easy, convenient and modern self-service space. Its autonomy and performance capacity ensure effective self-usage operation.


Digital Display: To configure the mode of use, language and number of fruits. 

Easy to Juice, Easy to Clean: Thanks to the 1Step Extraction Kit, you can remove the entire juicing system quickly and easily, saving on time and cleaning. 

Speed: Delivers a 250 ml glass of juice in just 10 seconds. Can juice up to 22 oranges per minute.

Convenient: Customers can fill their juice bottles quickly and easily, without the need to have store staff on hand, thanks to the juicer’s tap and a bottle holder. The new bottle holder accessory adapts seamlessly to any type of bottleneck, thanks to the three interchangeable sizes.

High capacity integrated feeder: Loads up to 10 kg of fruit, ideal for medium to high performance.

Two Modes of Use: Self-Service, to serve in a cup, bottle or jug. And Professional, to program the number of oranges and juice them continuously.

Easy to use: Get your freshly squeezed juice by simply pressing the tap.
Change its place when you wish: Its well-designed podium, resistant yet light, is designed to be able to move easily. It also has a removable wheeled trolley.