Aida - Pasta Cooking Workstation

SKU: ITA-71956716

PASTA IDEA line includes a full range of workstations equipped for fast cooking of pasta, either fresh, dried or pre-cooked frozen.


Two automatic pasta-cooker with 4 baskets, 8 baskets in total, each with automatic timed lifting

Two induction plates.

Bain-marie for hot sauces with 5 trays, plus 4 refrigerated trays for cold sauces.

Optional self-condensing hood in AISI 304 stainless steel.
Through 3 zones of filtration (mechanical, washing, droplet separator) the fumes and steam are captured, condensed and conveyed into water drain.
The hood is wired to the station and doesn't need any external electrical or hydraulic connections.

An optional protecting front glass is available to use the cooking stations in front of the customers.

    Dimensions Cm 200 x 80 x 95h
    Max power kW 15
    Pasta cooker baskets 8
    Bain-marie pans


    Refrigerated pans 4
    Induction plates 2
    Refrigerator or freezer Yes