iDeck iD.M-iD.D Digital Controls

Deck Size (Internal Height 14 cm): iD-M 60.60 - (1 Deck) - 61 cm x 66 cm

Deck Size (Internal Height 14 cm)

Stand: Prover w/ castors


Hood: Hood


The iDeck line is characterized by intelligent products that are remarkably easy to use, with an excellent quality/price ratio, dynamic design and full functionality. All models are made of stainless steel and are equipped with a door with a single handrail for easy grip. The cooktop is refractory. The maximum operating temperature is 450° C: a characteristic that makes iDeck ovens unique in their category.


iD.M and iD.D are available in 5 sizes, single chamber or dual baking chambers. The temperature is adjusted by efficient electronics with exclusive and revolutionary Dual-Temp ® Technology: inside the baking chamber, two thermocouples control and instantly adjust temperatures of ceiling and bedplate, which are separately settable by the operator. The result is a perfect cooking for each type of product.

Electronic version

iDeck, the electric deck oven available with one or two stackable decks. Dual-Power Technology™ controls power management: for the perfect baking of pizza and leavened products. Extraordinary versatility with Dual-Temp Technology® for gastronomy: two probes control independently ceiling and floor temperatures.

Electro-mechanical version

This professional electric oven comes in five dimensions with one or two stackable decks. The armored heating elements create heat and, in the basic version, it is possible to control electro-mechanically ceiling and floor temperatures.


Dual Power Technology

Independent control of the ceiling and floor powers to calibrate the baking of leavened products perfectly.

Dual-Temp Technology

Independent control of the ceiling and floor temperatures to calibrate the baking of gastronomy products perfectly.




Oven Spec Sheets

ID-D 60.60

ID-D 72.72

ID-D 105.105

ID-D 65.105

ID-D 105.65