Extragel Top Level Horizontal Batch Freezer

The Top Level models to satisfy the most demanding customers.

  • Preset Programs:

    • 6 temperature programmes for traditional gelato;
    • 3 “High Overrun” programs;
    • 3 “Low Overrun” programs;
    • 1-time programs;
    • 1 fruit or mint granita program;
    • 1 coffee granita programs;
    • a series of adjustable programs.
  • Resistive 5-inch colour Touch Screen (can be used with gloves too), an intuitive, easy to use interface;
  • Inverter for varying the speed of the beater motor;
  • cylinders with double circuit evaporator: preparing larger quantities compared to other machines of the same power;

Main Functions

  • effective and quick processing cycle;
  • allow an average overrun of 40% and a remarkable creaminess of gelato;
  • slow and fast dispensing to garnish tubs or to obtain total and rapid extraction.
  • produce dry gelato with optimal structure and capability
  • “scotch bright” stainless steel panelling makes the machines bright and attractive.


  • Gelato
  • Sorbetto
  • Slush