Telme Termocrema Top Level Cream Cooker

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Faema Canada Telme Termocrema Top Level Cream Cooker

Telme Termocrema Top Level Cream Cooker

Termocrema T 30

Mississauga Showroom - Faema Distribution Center

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Cream cookers are mainly used for the pastry to prepare creams (pastry cream, English cream, buttercream, etc.), ganache, zabaglione, fruit poché, yogurt, choux paste.


Main functions

  • Automate and speed up all the manual operations, thus reducing time and labour, whilst guaranteeing optimal hygienic conditions.
  • Mix, stir and blend the ingredients at temperature for the set time and speed: milk, cream, powdered milk, flour, fruit, sugar, dextrose, eggs, emulsifiers, stabilizers, etc. required to prepare classic creams, bakery specialties, gastronomic dishes and the various mixes for ice cream shops.
  • Heat, cook, sanitize ingredients, melt fats and chocolate, hydrate the solid parts, eliminate most of the pathogenic bacterial flora and vaporizes excess water.
  • Temper dark, milk and white chocolate.
  • Cool and conserve: complete the pasteurization process, keeping the residual bacterial flora in microbiostasis (sleeping) and maintains the final product compliant with the temperatures of the standards.


  • Creams (custard cream, English cream, buttercream …)
  • Ganache
  • Zabaione
  • Poached fruits
  • Yogurt

Gelato & Ice Cream

  • Pasteurizing mix for gelato and ice cream


  • Ragù
  • Bechamel
  • Risotto
  • Polenta

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