Faema 2 Groups Compact Prestige
Faema 2 Groups Prestige
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Faema Prestige
Faema Prestige
Faema Prestige
Faema Prestige
Faema Prestige
Faema Prestige
Faema Prestige
Faema Prestige


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The ’70’s icon is available with a new design. Modern, versatile and simply unique. PRESTIGE stands out as a special, astonishing machine in FAEMA’s history.

A pure matte white finish, a vertical push-button panel with LED buttons, lights on each group for correct lighting of the work area and redesigned steam wands to ensure better ergonomics. A complete range: 1 group, 2 groups compact, 2 groups and 3 groups. Tall cup version is also available for all models.


An indigo blue matte finishing, a front panel with a central service display and backlit buttons. The machine is also equipped with an ambient light and features the option to add a second one in order to make it really stand out. Available in 2 groups and 3 groups versions and a Tall Cup version for all models.

New needs, new solutions

All versions are equipped with new brass filter holders with a “soft touch” handle. The shapes have been designed to ensure the best ergonomics and a correct grip. A chrome-plated steel insert, perfectly coordinated with the steam levers, has been added to PRESTIGE+ to enhance the aesthetics product.



Thermal balancing system to regulate water temperature by mixing water heated by the heat exchanger with mains water (available for thermosiphonics).


System capable of managing the accumulation of energy stored in the boiler to allow a maximum constant supply of steam and water, even with intensive use of the machine.


A device for heating and frothing large quantities of milk without manual intervention. The Milk4 version allows you to customise the temperature and level of emulsion of the frothed milk: not frothed, a little cream, standard cream, lots of cream. 


An integrated system that helps you by maintaining a constant dialogue between the machine and the grinder doser.


System capable of automatically adjusting the coffee grind.


Software that allows boiler pressure to be lowered when the machine is not brewing coffee for a significant period of time. 


CUP4YOU is an innovative application that offers a unique interaction with our X range fully automatic machines. You can download the application from the App Store and Google Play.


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