Poker Gelato Maker And Freezers

Model: Gel 5


The Professional Gelato makers with manual extraction, for restaurants. The compact size allows easy installation even in small labs. Simple to use, the transparent lid allows mixing and freezing to be followed.


Freeze the mix, incorporating air, transforming it into gelato or sorbetto.

The efficient mechanical and thermal treatment produces fine, creamy gelato.

Compact size, single-phase, easy installation even in small kitchens or labs.

Transparent lid for a constant view of the product.
Vertical cylinder. Easy addition of ingredients.
Adjustable scraper blades for making efficient use of the refrigerating power.
Time control for the desired structure and consistency of gelato.


  • Gelato

  • Sorbetto

  • Slush

Sites of use

  • All businesses, shops and communities making, dispensing food and drinks.

  • Restaurants, hotels

  • Cake and pastry shops, etc.

  • Convenience stores