Italgi GR60 Stuffed Gnocchi

GR60 Stuffed Gnocchi

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Hourly production: 60 Kg

This machine produces potato dumplings (gnocchi) stuffed with almost any ingredient you fancy (cheese, vegetables, meat, mushroom, fish, etc... ). 
The GR60 is not an adaption of any existing pasta machine but is born from a patented project developed only for gnocchi, either plain or stuffed. 

The stuffed gnocchi machine is very simple to use and is easily cleaned because all the parts in contact with the product can be quickly dismantled. This stainless steel machine is compact and robust, with all plastic parts made of up-to-date foodstuff material. The cutting system ensures perfect sealing of the gnocchi. Size and dose of filling of the gnocchi can be easily regulated by means of the control panel. 

All potentially harmful parts of the machine have safety protections. The filled gnocchi machine is available 220 Volts, 240 Volts single phase or 380 Volts triphase. A plain gnocchi mould is available upon request as well as extruder outlets of different sizes. 

Production kg/h 60
Number of extrusion holes 1
Dimensions cm 57 x 110 x 165h
Weight kg 195
Maximum power consumption kw 2,2

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