Frigomeccanica Modern

SKU: SQ8643004

The tubular aluminium structure is clad in wood, quartz and light to create a bar counter of simple elegance. Modern is a bar counter with exquisitely uncluttered lines and prestige materials. The wengé wood front combines attrac- tively with the “L” shaped counter-top in quartz agglomerate and the steel plinth.

The design project to which Modern be- longs covers every aspect of furnishing, with innovative elements for the walls. The glass or expanded polyurethane tiles make every ambience unique and highly individual.

The “L” shaped counter-top has a bevel on the joint and is constructed in quartz agglomerate. A new, basic design for the bar counter and snack display cabinet. Backpainted black tempered glass front and side panels, downward flap front opening, polished aluminium frame. (The photo shows the version with low glass section, with one plate glass shelf). There are thermoformed sliding Plexiglas panels at the rear. Led top light, complete with three clear plate glass display shelves.

The black and white streaked wooden front, the satinnish steel plinth and the clean, straight lines create a contemporary, welcoming atmosphere. The back panel is in tempered backpainted or mirror glass, intersected by one (low version in photo) or two (tall version) fixed shelves in white methacrylate, with lighting on request. Alternative choice of clear plate glass shelf.

New atmospheres for living. The light, the glass, the transparent surfaces, the mirrors and the glinting steel create a unique, relaxing atmosphere. Modern’s style and soul create design schemes and fill them with personality. The quality and technology of a brand. The bar counter acquires a look of class and restrained elegance in its lacquered version. The modules allow scope for the widest variety of straight compositions, and combine perfectly with the units needed for daily tasks.

Not just a bar counter. Modern is a design project with square lines, without curves but allowing all the display cabinets and modules in the range to be included in the composition, with the same niche as the rest of the design scheme. The lower part of the counter can be lighted with neon or LEDs on request to create an even more exclusive impression.