Modula C200 Sheeter-Based Combined Pasta Machine

Sheeter Attatchment: Sheeter C200

Sheeter Attatchment

Ravioli Attachment: PR25

Ravioli Attachment

Cutter Attachment: T3

Cutter Attachment

Combination pasta machines designed by Italgi are dedicated to caterers, delis, bakeries and all the other professionals who want to produce various types of fresh pasta, both plain and filled, in tight spaces and with a limited investment.

The innovative design solutions and the care in manufacturing ensure the maximum ease of use, safety and durability, as in all Italgi machines.

Modula is the ultimate professional combined pasta maker. It has been designed to match the needs of restaurants, canteens, rotisseries, bakeries and other pasta related business. It allows for the production of several kinds and pasta shapes and requires only a small amount of space.

You can add these devices to the C200 sheeter:

  • V4 - overturning mixing hopper with detachable mixing arm for easy cleaning operations;

  • T3 - three sizes cutter for tagliolini, square spaghetti, tagliatelle and pappardelle;

  • PR25 - double sheet ravioli group with interchangeable moulds, which makes easy and quick to produce different shapes of ravioli;

  • GN20 - gnocchi group, which makes potato dumplings and "chicche" and has a built-in flour dispenser.

Several international patents cover Modula's innovative devices and technical solutions. As a result of Italgi's long experience in the automation of pasta production, the machine is strong and reliable, safe and easy to use and fast to clean.

In conjunction with our pasta cooking stations of the line PASTA IDEA , Modula is an excellent solution to produce ready meals based on pasta, quickly, economically, and in extremely small spaces.

Sheeter rollers width mm 200
Mixing hopper capacity kg 4
Cutter sizes mm 1,8 - 6 - 10
Maximum power consumption

kw 0,65

Sheeter 60 Kg cm 39x45x50h
Sheeter + mixing hopper 70 Kg cm 43x48x54h
Sheeter + mixing hopper + taglierina 78 Kg cm 68x48x54h
Sheeter + mixing hopper + ravioli 96 Kg cm 70x51x75h
Sheeter + mixing hopper + taglierina + ravioli 104 Kg cm 94x51x75h