Moretti Forni Serie F - F50E
Moretti Forni Serie F - F50E
Moretti Forni Serie F - F50E
Moretti Forni Serie F - F50E
Moretti Forni Serie F - F50E
Moretti Forni Serie F - F50E
Moretti Forni Serie F - F50E
Moretti Forni Serie F - F50E
Serie F - F50E
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serieF-Fanbake is the brand new range of convection ovens that elevates Moretti up to the best quality and technology level in terms of bakery ovens production.

It represents the finest technical solutions for cooking uniformity and energy savings: produced with particular attention to design and performance, serieF captures the vast experience of Moretti in treating dynamic heat flows using high-quality materials for the maintenance of a low temperature on all the external parts of the oven.

F50E is the most compact version of the serieF range. Ideal solution for bakery, little traditional pastries and frozen products, F50E is a 5-tray 60x40 versatile electric oven, also available in the double baking chamber version. It is equipped with double glass athermic door, smooth control board for easy cleaning, sophisticated electronic with white brite displays and inside shell in stainless steel. With F50E it is possible to manage up to 200 programs, with 3 sprays in the same baking cycle. The ventilation is alternated and it is also possible to adjust the amount of steam to put on the product.


Adaptive Power Technology

serieF regulates real-time and independently the needed power according to the quantity of product placed in the baking chamber, using only the minimum energy required to perfectly bake without waste.

Power-Booster Technology

Increase power during work peaks and fully loaded baking with the same high quality baking.

Custom-Bake Technology

Program up to 9 different phases in the same program customizing baking cycle according to product.

Eco-Standby Technology

The smart function to save energy. Set the oven on standby during work pauses, it will be ready to be used with a click!

Data-Feed System

Import software updates with a simple USB device and the oven will use the latest available version.

Programmable Vaporization

Regulate and program the steam release in the chamber from 1 to 10 seconds ensuring the correct leavening of the product during baking.


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