Multipla Extruder-Based Combination Pasta Machine

SKU: I03-001MLP

Multipla is the combined pasta machine designed by Italgi for restaurants, canteens, rotisseries, bakeries and other pasta related businesses looking for a machine able to make several kinds of pasta, with reduced dimensions and for a small investment.

Multipla can produce:

  • short and long cut fresh pasta and sheets for lasagne; by simply changing the die, you can make spaghetti, tagliatelle, macaroni, fusilli, penne and more shapes of pasta...

  • ravioli with different shapes thanks to the interchangeable moulds and the possibility to prepare the sheet rollers for ravioli group with the automatic dough roller

  • gnocchi and chicche with the accessory device, very quick and easy to plug into the ravioli group

The innovative design solutions and the care in construction assure the maximum easiness to use, cleaning, safety and long life, following Italgi's tradition of quality in their pasta machines.

In conjunction with our pasta cooking stations of the line PASTA IDEA, Multipla is an excellent solution to produce ready meals based on pasta, quickly, economically, and in extremely small spaces.



Choose from a wide variety of pasta-making possibilities with the Multipla. With just a few simple modifications the Multipla is capable of producing both long and short cut fresh pasta such as spaghetti, tagliatelle, macaroni, fusili, and penne, pasta sheets for lasagne, ravioli, gnocchi, chicche and more!


Developed and manufactured in Italy by Italgi, the Multipla is the epitome of high-quality, cutting-edge Italian design. Dedicated to authentic craftsmanship, research and development, and reliability, the Italgi team designs each product in-house. To maintain the high-quality standards of their products, all Italgi machines undergo thorough selection, production and quality control tests.

Gourmet Made Easy

Create delicious, home-made ravioli in all shapes and sizes with the help of the handy interchangeable moulds and automatic dough roller!

After-Sales Service

Faema has been operating for over 60 years in Canada, we have technicians on the road, in house and offer full service on everything we carry. If you require service on commercial equipment, we come to you. Call and book an appointment today!

Pasta production in extrusion kg/h 18
Ravioli production kg/h 25
Gnocchi production kg/h 20
Die diameter mm 75
Mixing hopper capacity kg 4
Ravioli sheet width mm 100
Dimensions cm 78x80x80h
Weight kg 102
Maximum power consumption kw 1,2