Size: 6 - Internal Height 12.6 cm - 75 cm x 113 cm


An exceptional baking tool with a cutting-edge design that respects tradition, the oven is electric, modern adaption. Moretti Forni has used their extensive industry experience to provide the highest temperature ever seen in an electric oven: 510°C, allowing the baking of a Neapolitan pizza in less than 1 minute.

The Neapolis oven embodies the centuries of expertise and manual skills that have made the Neapolitan pizza a world-famous lifestyle and food ambassador. Moretti Forni has studied this tradition to develop and convey this message of excellence to every corner of the globe. This started from the heart of the traditional old centre of Naples, where the Neapolitan pizza was born.


Dual-Power Technology

Independent control of ceiling and floor power to perfectly calibrate leavened products baking.

Power-Booster Technology

Increase the power during work's peaks and fully loaded baking with the same high quality baking.

Moisture System (Exclusive Patent)

Adjustable deflectors minimize heat dispersions and energy consumption while maintaining the right level of moisture inside the baking chamber

Cool-Around Technology

Heat is preserved inside the baking chamber and the external surfaces are cold for a better livability and safety in the workplace.

Eco-Standby Technology

The smart function to save consumptions. Set the oven on standby during work pauses, it will be ready to be used with a click.

Power-Cleaning System

Cleaning the oven is super easy! Program the pyrolytic self-cleaning to remove any residual from baking. Time-saving and maximum safety for your customers.



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Neapolis 6

Neapolis 9