Sprizza Manual

SKU: SQ4748186
Model: SPZ 40


This machine reproduces the manual dexterity of the pizza-maker as closely as possible by imitating his unequalled delicateness. The original protected micro rolling system, rigorously patented, was created through passionate engineering, which was developed and achieved in order to knead the dough in the same way as the hands of an expert would. The exceptional performance of the machine is to achieve cold dough with the same kind of rim as would be obtained by a skilful pizza-maker, without any alteration. The machine is easy and practical to use and the portions of dough are always perfectly flattened.

  • Cold system for spreading the pizza dough
  • Patented micro-rolling system
  • Execution of the edge
  • Adjustable pizza thickness
  • Automatic start and stop
  • Capacity production 200 - 250 pcs/hr
  • CE rules
  • ETL and EAC certification



Weight (kg)

Dimension (mm)

SPZ 40 0.55 105 570x720x770
SPZ 50 0.75 150 700x820x840