Stima Pasta Cooker

SKU: STI-20014

The real Italian pasta always al dente can be served in just 76 cm WITHOUT SPECIALIZED LABOR and in a totally automatic way with the new Voglia di Pasta machine.

The machine that in just 76 cm of space allows you to prepare 300 first courses in just one hour.

The new 2015 version of the P2001 / 4 pasta cooker, thanks to the improvements made, is even more performing than the previous versions.
With the new Voglia di Pasta machine, the first course, previously exclusive to restaurants, can be served in any type of place, from the bar to the pizzeria, from the sandwich bar to the equipped truck, from the kiosk to the pub.

    Voglia di Pasta, fully automatic, allows considerable savings: you only have to load the basket and press a button. It is equipped with an automatic bain-marie, which offers the possibility of serving up to four different sauces and a patented vapor extraction system.

    The peculiarity of the bain-marie to have slits on the trays ensures that the humidity generated by the bain-marie replenishes the water contained in the sauce which inevitably evaporates as a result of heating.

    • Thanks to the turbo economy function and the maxi basket (optional), the machine is perfect for cooking both pre-cooked and normal dry pasta;
    • It is equipped with four baskets that allow you to cook four pasta specialties at the same time;
    • A basket can hold up to 500gr. of pasta;
    • It is equipped with a patented vapor extraction system;
    • It does not give off any odor;
    • It can be completely disassembled to facilitate cleaning;
    • It is very easy to use thanks to its easy-to-learn control panel;
    • It is equipped with four trays to contain the sauces heated by a special device;
    • It can work without connecting to the water supply.

    Width: 76 cm;

    Depth: 53 cm ;

    Height: 60 cm ;

    Voltage 220V
    Max power 3100W ;
    Weight  45 Kg ;