BRX Vintage Pozzetto
BRX Vintage Pozzetto
BRX Vintage Pozzetto
BRX 4 Vintage Pozzetto
BRX 6 Vintage Pozzetto
BRX 8 Vintage Pozzetto
BRX 10 Vintage Pozzetto

Vintage Pozzetto

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Pozzetto Vintage is an ice-cream counter that fits any kind of environment. Its structure on wheels offers total mobility. For restaurants, pastry shops and bars, desiring to offer a unique and robust service to customers.

Glycol or ventilated. Full technology of a professional counter.

Externally, a decoration inspired by the past and the elegance of classic pozzetti. Internally, the quality and efficiency of a BRX product. Pozzetto Vintage is in the sign of simplicity, easy to use, with the reliability of technologies coming from the systems for professional ice-cream. Available both with glycol and ventilated refrigeration.

Thanks to the wheels, the ice-cream counter is easy to move and can be positioned outside your shop. Created to inspire, to animate a place, to match any kind of situation.


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