Serie F100E - F105E
Serie F100E - F105E
Serie F100E - F105E
Serie F100E - F105E
Serie F100E - F105E
Serie F100E - F105E

Serie F100E - F105E



SerieF-Fanbake is the brand new range of convection ovens that lead the segment in terms of technological development. It represents the finest technical solutions for cooking uniformity and energy savings: produced with particular attention to design and performance, serieF captures the vast experience of Moretti in treating dynamic heat flows using high-quality materials for the maintenance of a low temperature on all the external parts of the oven.


Adaptive Power Technology

serieF regulates real-time and independently the needed power according to the quantity of product placed in the baking chamber, using only the minimum energy required to perfectly bake without waste.

Power-Booster Technology

Increase power during work peaks and fully loaded baking with the same high quality baking.

Custom-Bake Technology

Program up to 9 different phases in the same program customizing baking cycle according to product.

Eco-Standby Technology

The smart function to save energy. Set the oven on standby during work pauses, it will be ready to be used with a click!

Data-Feed System

Import software updates with a simple USB device and the oven will use the latest available version.

Programmable Vaporization

Regulate and program the steam release in the chamber from 1 to 10 seconds ensuring the correct leavening of the product during baking.



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