Cattabriga Granelle - Vertical Batch Freezer

Granelle - Vertical Batch Freezer

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A single machine for the production of quality-textured gelato.

  • LCD display the display is bigger, allowing for a more effective operating experience.
  • Reclining shelf more practical in less space
  • Beater The new shape of the hook guarantees high hygiene and efficiency
  • Door the protection ensures high security. /n case the door opens, the machine will stop and will restart after dosing
  • New lid it is equipped with a double opening to allow the introduction of solid ingredients
  • Dialog System state-of-the-art solution. It provides real-time support, checks and changes the parameters of the machine, updates the software automatically

Granelle is the new machine that allows you to introduce solid ingredients to the mix during the preparation and produces a creamy gelato with unique flavours. Granelle has a single cylinder for mixing, pasteurizing and freezing not only gelato, but also delicious custard and fruit poche. The special beater assures high efficiency just like the scrapers assure the minimum residue of gelato.


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